AutoProTech – means automotive protection technologies. We provide to our clients the best solutions for protect paint on their cars from damages like stone chips, scratches, other damage. The best way to do it – use PPF (paint protection film) or “clear bra”, like someone call it.


On a PPF market you can find many quality products. 3M, X-pel, SunTek, SolarGard, Avery - it is not a whole list of worthy automotive film`s manufactures. We had test and installed all of them. And we know, what is better to propose you. AutoProTech use different films  because progress on this market goes fast - film. which was best yestarday can be outsider tomorrow.


We offer solutions for:

- car`s owners, who wish to protect vehicle - they can order installation of PPF in our shop

- businesses (car`s dealerships, body-shops etc.) which looking for additional earning - they can buy precut kits in our online store with dealer`s discount

- installers or car`s owners, who can install film and kits themself - they can also order piece of film or kits

- installing centers, which use PPF and tint film in rolls for their work


So, if you want to protect your car - just call us, or use our web-store like a retail customer.

If you are an installer and you want to have best precut kit, call to us or use online-shop.

If you need a roll of paint protection or tint film - just make a call for us or send us an e-mail


We use PPF manufactured by 3M, SolarGard, Avery, SunTek and others.

Also our company can help you to protect cars from sun heat and UV rays. We offer window tinting service to our retail customers and tinting film for an installers.